Pati Sari

Pati Sari is a privately-owned Palm Oil mill located in Aceh Tamiang, Indonesia.

1) Rainforest Action Network (RAN) report titled, “The Last Place On Earth – Exposing The Threats To The Leuser Ecosystem: A Global Biodiversity Hotspot Deserving Protection” (11 November 2014)

2) Rainforest Action Network (RAN) report titled, “The Last Place On Earth – Tracking Progress And New Opportunities: To Protect The Leuser Ecosystem” (10 November, 2015)

For more information on our initiatives in Leuser, please download our factsheet.

(1) and (2) The first report highlighted a number of companies operating legally and illegally within the protected Leuser Ecosystem. In particular, the report contains field evidence that connects a refinery jointly owned by the Musim Mas Group and the Indonesian government’s state-owned Palm Oil Plantation company, PTPN II to a mill, PT Pati Sari, that processes Palm Oil fruit grown inside the Leuser Ecosystem.

November 2014
Following the publication of the first report, “The Last Place on Earth”, Musim Mas sent 5 members of their sustainability team to meet with the middle and top management of Pati Sari to do a scoping study.

  • Mapped Pati Sari’s supply base
  • Conducted Awareness and Compliance training on creating a sustainable supply chain
  • Verified legal documents related to Indonesian laws on environmental rating and ISPO standards
  • Conducted audits on all operational processes for all their mills
  • Studied Pati Sari’s FFB procurement policy and procedure, conducted field observations on key operational metrics related to sustainability.

Musim Mas team met up with the members of RAN.

April 2018
We engaged with Pati Sari to prepare for the launch of our Extension Services Programme (ESP) to its independent smallholder supply base, slated for commencement in April 2018. More details of our engagement with Pati Sari can be found here.

November 2014
Pati Sari stopped purchasing FFB from PT. Mestika which was found to be located inside the Leuser Ecosystem.

Pati Sari held a workshop for its suppliers.

April 2018
Pati Sari enrolled in Musim Mas’s Extension Services Programme (ESP) to improve the welfare of its independent Smallholders supply base in April 2018.

January 2019
The programme is still ongoing as of January 2019.

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