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July 2018
Mighty Earth RRR6 alleged that Sumur Pandanwangi developed a total of 243 hectares of peat between 24 April – 11 July 2018.

The report mentioned that PT Sumur Pandawangi is a part of the Musirawas Group

We met Musirawas  to advise them on the urgent need to have an action plan, as well as the importance of complying with our NDPE policy, the consequence of non-compliance and the potential disruption to business relationships.

This meeting is a follow up to the previous formal letter the company sent to us in January 2018 containing the following points:

  1. Sumur Pandanwangi has obtained legal licenses for plantings in peat area in compliance with government regulations on Protection and Management of Peat Ecosystems.
  2. Sumur Pandanwangi has yet to produce any FFB as it was only recently planted. The company is ISPO certified for two concessions.
October 2018 Our last purchase date from Musirawas was in October 2018.
November – December 2018 Since then, Mighty Earth has released two reports of peat development by Sumur Pandanwangi between August – December 2018, which you may refer to below: