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PT Musim Mas is a subsidiary of the Musim Mas Group (under Musim Mas Holdings Pte Ltd). We have been a member of RSPO since 2004 and was the first from Indonesia to join the RSPO.

Date Progress
March 2020 An anonymous Complainant submitted a case to the RSPO on 21 January 2020, alleging violation of RSPO rules observed in the following Estates: Pabrik Kelapa Sawit Batang Kulim-Estate II, Estate VI, Estate V; and Pabrik Kepala Sawit Pangkalan Lesung-Estate IV, Estate III.

– Land fires occurred in August 2019 in the conservation area within PT Musim Mas HGU covering an area of approximately 12 hectares

– PT Musim Mas blocked river flow within its HGU using heavy equipment hence damaging rivers and altering their function

– Numerous community-owned plantations and public cemeteries within PT Musim Mas HGU area have yet to be enclaved

– PT Musim Mas planted on Peatland within its HGU area

– PT Musim Mas planted on the Riparian areas of Sungai Bengkarai, Sungai Air Hitam, Sungai Napoh, Sungai Peragaian, Sungai Merbabu, Sungai Batang Merah although there is a signage indicating that these are considered as conservation areas

24 March 2020:

The RSPO Complaints Panel has formally accepted the complaint. Access to the relevant case tracker on the RSPO Complaints website can be found here.

27 March 2020:

We received an email on 27 March 2020 from RSPO’s Grievance Manager informing us that an initial diagnosis has been made, and RSPO Secretariat has officially accepted the complaint, without having looked at the merits of the allegations. A request for an official company response was also made.

April 2020 On 06 April 2020, RSPO informed us of the complainant’s request to engage in Bilateral Engagement, and formal mediation under the RSPO Dispute Resolution Facility (DSF), if Bilateral Engagement failed. We have acknowledged the complainant’s request. We will be engaging with the complainant via bilateral engagement to understand the background of the complaint so that we can address the alleged concerns quickly. We have at this point in time not agreed to DSF.

On April 16, within the requested time frame, we have provided a written response to the RSPO email of 27 March, with supporting documents and evidence on the alleged violations.

We reiterate that we are committed to a policy of no planting on peat since January 2008, and the commitment has been published in our Sustainability Policy since 2014, which can be referred to here. We are also committed to a policy of Zero Burning and have the necessary management processes to ensure compliance. Finally, we would like to highlight that PT Musim Mas obtained the location permit (Izin Lokasi) in 1991 and our Land Use title (Hak Guna Usaha) in 1994. The Plantation mentioned by the complainant is an old developed area, which is certified RSPO.

Once the identity of the complainants is revealed, we will contact them and arrange for a first meeting to initiate the bilateral engagement.

April – July 2020 PT Musim Mas entered the Bilateral Engagement process upon the complainant’s request. The bilateral engagement was unsuccessful, and the RSPO Complaints Panel is formally investigating the case since July. There have been no updates from RSPO since.
August 2020 The Secretariat obtained the formal responses from parties and the additional supporting documents pertaining to the issues in the Complaint.

It is pending the Certification Body (CB)’s comments on the issue of public cemetery (HVC6), which was not covered during the last audit. The audit is planned sometime in September 2020.

September 2020 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the field audit in September 2020 was not conducted as we have limited our field operations due to safe-distancing measures.

We are working with the CB on the new schedule. The CB will keep the Secretariat informed accordingly, this has also been conveyed to the Complainant.

October 2020 The CB audit is pending as our concessions are still currently closed to visitors due to the on-going pandemic.
November 2020 RSPO website has updated that it is pending the outcome of special audit.
December 2020 The special audit has been conducted in December 2020, and we are currently waiting for feedback from the RSPO.
January 2021 The Secretariat received responses from both parties stating they wish to bring the comments directly to the CB for clarification and the Secretariat will proceed accordingly.
December 2021 RSPO has officially closed the complaint on 1st December 2021.