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December 2021 Through Mighty Earth Rapid Response Report 37, Mighty Earth (ME) alleged Musim Mas (MM) of clearing 6.6 hectares of HCS forest (HCS) in PT Multipersada Gatramegah’s concession – a subsidiary of Musim Mas, during the period of May and July 2021.

In response to this allegation, Musim Mas wished to clarify that the area in question is neither HCV nor HCS area. This area has been assessed and covered under the following assessment reports:

a) HCV Report of PT Harisa Agro Lestari (PT Hariso Legra Astari, Kabupaten Barito Utara, Indonesia – HCV ( that has obtained satisfactory status (note: the area was part of PT Harisa Agro Lestari which was officially acquired by PT MPG on 1st April 2018);

b) HCS Report of PT Multipersada Gatramegah in 2018 (HCSARE1-1.pdf ( which has gone through HCSA review process (HCSAPE1-3.pdf (;

c) This area has undergone the RSPO NPP process (PT Harisa Agro Lestari | RSPO – Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil).

All the reports mentioned above are publicly available and accessible via the  respective website of HCVN, HCSA, and RSPO.


  1. The alleged area is not HCV or HCS area as can be proven by the above clarification.
  2. The report that being used by ME is assessment of 2020 Public summary which is prepared for expansion area of PT MPG. The alleged area is not within the scope of the 2020 assessment.
  3. The allegation has been peer-reviewed by external third parties, who concluded that the alleged area is neither HCV area nor HCS forest.

From the clarification provided, we deemed the grievance raised on Mighty Earth RRR 37 against PT MPG is not acceptable.

May 2022 Since the publication of the ME report without prior consultation of MM might constitute a breach of HCSA rules, we have submitted a complaint to the HCSA. The complaint was formally accepted on 13 May 2022. More information can be found on the HCSA website.