Musim Mas Group – Agrowiratama

PT Agrowiratama is a subsidiary of the Musim Mas Group (under Musim Mas Holdings Pte Ltd). We have been a member of RSPO since 2004 and our Group was the first from Indonesia to join the RSPO.

Date Progress
March 2021 Tim Advokasi Dewan Pengurus Pusat Komite Nasional Permuda Indonesia (DPP KNPI) submitted a case to the RSPO on 27 January 2021, on behalf of four Datuak (Batuah, Bonsu, Sati and Malenggang) of the customary community in Muara Kiawai, Pasaman Barat against Musim Mas Holdings Pte Ltd.

DPP KNPI alleged that PT Agrowiratama is operating in a protected forest area without having a license from the Ministry of Forestry and operating without a Land Use Title (HGU).

15 March 2021:

The RSPO Complaints Panel has formally accepted the complaint. Access to the relevant case tracker on the RSPO Complaints website can be found here.

23 March 2021:

We received an email from RSPO’s Grievance Manager on 23 March 2021, to inform us that an initial diagnosis has been performed and the complaint has been officially accepted by the Complaints Panel on 15 March 2021. A request for an official company’s response was made to opt for a Bilateral Engagement or the DSF mediation process.

April 2021 We sent our official response to the RSPO Complaints Desk with a formal letter requesting for an adjournment of the Complaint’s decision. We reiterated that the lawsuit process is on-going and any interim actions by the RSPO Complaints Panel might cause conflicting decisions and outcomes.

RSPO Complaints Panel agreed to adjourn the Complaints pending the court’s decision. They requested that Musim Mas informs the Secretariat of the progress of the ongoing court case on a monthly basis.

May 2021
RSPO stated on their case tracker that the case has been adjourned and is pending the outcome of the court’s decision.

We submitted our first monthly report of the ongoing lawsuit’s progress to RSPO to update the Complaints Panel.

June 2021
We submitted our June 2021 report of the court case’s progress to the Secretariat to update the Complaints Panel.

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