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January 2017 Environment Investigation Agency (EIA) report titled, “The Papua Palm Plantation Risk Profiles” reported that Medcopapua Hijau Selaras (MPHS) has been operating an oil palm plantation in Prafi, Sidey and Masni sub-districts on Manokwari Recency since 2008. The concession was mostly forested before land-clearing commenced. Continuing reports showed more frequent flooding.

There are reports that MPHS may now be part of the Capitol Group, rather than Medco Agro.

August 2017 We sent a letter via our subsidiary, Megasurya Mas to inform Medco Agro on our interest to visit their mill as part of our engagement process with our suppliers.
April 2018 Together with our consultant, we conducted a mill verification on Ciptatani Kumai Sejahtera mill located in Central Kalimantan. We also had a communication on the ownership of Medcopapua Hijau Selaras (PT MPHS) with Medco Agro management.

The mill management confirmed that they have sold their Plantation, Medcopapua Hijau Selaras in Manokwari, West Papua to another party.

May 2018 Environment Investigation Agency (EIA) released another report titled, “Papua Oil Palm Plantations Update 2018”, with further updates on the issues that were previously raised in January 2017.

Medcopapua Hijau Selaras in Manokwari, West Papua has been sold effective from 25 October 2016 to unrelated part, which is not in our supply chain.

Based on the above statement, we consider the case is resolved.