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July 2019
Mighty Earth RRR17 alleged that Mekar Karya Kahuripan (MKK) conducted peat development covering 25 hectares between 05 January – 29 June 2019.

We sought clarification regarding the allegation reported against Mekar Karya Kahuripan (MKK) in Mighty Earth RRR 17.

September 2019 Responding to Mighty Earth RRR 17. MAKIN Group has clarified the following:

  1. Mekar Karya Kahuripan (MKK) has been de-activated since September 2016 based on the notarial deed No.12 dated 15 September 2016. Since the beginning of its establishment, MKK never conducted any land clearing or any kind of Plantation operational activities.
  2. MAKIN Group has also submitted a clarification letter regarding the de-activation of MKK to Ketapang District Government, and shared a copy of the letter to the head of Plantation Agency (Dinas Perkebunan) and BPN. The letter also clarified that no operational activities were ever conducted.

On 10 September 2019, Musim Mas conducted a visit to MAKIN Group head office to review the notarial deed No. 12 dated 15 September 2016.

From the documents shown by MAKIN Group, we consider this case closed.