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November 2019
06 November 2019:

Mighty Earth RRR21 alleged that Cipta Karsa Kahuripan (MAKIN Group) conducted deforestation covering an area of 79 hectares between 25 February – 06 September 2019.

We asked for clarification regarding the allegations reported against MAKIN.

MAKIN’s management clarified that the proposed area (Areal Pencadangan Lahan) given to Cipta Karsa Kahuripan (CKK) in June 2005, expired at the end of 2005 as no activities were conducted within six months since the proposed area was given.

CKK communicated with the Bupati of Ketapang Regency on 19th August 2019 that since 15 September 2016, CKK is an inactive company and never conducted any activity, including the deforestation alleged in Mighty Earth Rapid Response Report 21.

Musim Mas conducted a physical meeting with MAKIN Group’s management on 13 December 2019 and has verified relevant documents.

Based on above updates, we consider Mighty Earth RRR 21 case is resolved