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June 2020

06 June 2020:

ME RRR28 alleged deforestation by Sumatera Unggul Makmur (SUM), where a total of 11 hectares of forest were cleared between 10 March – 04 May 2020.

As per one of our re-entry criteria, we must seek clarification regarding the grievance raised by Mighty Earth RRR 28 towards Sumatera Unggul Makmur (SUM), identified by Mighty Earth as one of KPN Plantation’s subsidiaries.
Regarding Mighty Earth RRR 28 report, KPN Plantation informed us of the following:

  1. The land is not owned and controlled by PT SUM due to the Villages Boundary Dispute since 2011.
  2. The Boundary Dispute between Village Tebas Sungai with Batu Makjage is still ongoing and under mediation by local District Head (Camat).
  3. In the event that both villages still reject the settlement proposal by the local government, PT SUM has committed to support and help the local government mediate and settle this dispute with appropriate Community Development Program that could bring benefit equally to both villages.
  4. SUM will work closely with the local government to monitor this case and will try to work with both Villages Head & Elders to seek a win-win approach.

KPN Plantation also published its official response regarding Mighty Earth allegation here.

July 2020 After submitting evidence of their progress as required by Musim Mas’ re-entry criteria, and after our analysing all requested documents, Musim Mas has decided that KPN Plantation can re-enter our supply chain.

Musim Mas will continue monitoring the implementation of the action plans of KPN Plantation.

March 2021 KPN has published its third progress report on its NDPE Policy Compliance and updated 60-month time-bound action plan.