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September 2018

19 September 2018:

Greenpeace report “Final Countdown: Now or Never to Reform the Palm Oil Industry” (19 September 2018)

The report mentioned allegations of deforestation in PT Graha Agro Nusantara, PT Agriprima Cipta Persada and PT Agrinusa Persada Mulia.

We do not have an active business relationship with GAMA since April 2017.
October 2018 We attended one of GAMA Plantation’s stakeholder engagement session, to review its sustainability commitments and plan.
February 2019 GAMA Plantation published its first progress report detailing the implementation and progress of their NDPE commitments.
September 2019 GAMA Corporation was rebranded as Karunia Prima Nastari (KPN Corporation).
November 2019 KPN Plantation published its Group Sustainability Policy, second progress report and 60-month time-bound action plan to report their progress in implementing NDPE policy at group level.
January 2020 We attended one of GAMA Plantation’s stakeholder engagement session, to review its sustainability commitments and plan.
March 2020 We acknowledged the commitment shown by KPN Plantation towards sustainability. We decided to let KPN Plantation follow our re-entry process. We required KPN Plantation to comply with a set of re-entry requirement as per our CPP.
July 2020 After submitting evidence of their progress as required by Musim Mas’ re-entry criteria, and after our analysing all requested documents, Musim Mas has decided that KPN Plantation can re-enter our supply chain.

Musim Mas will continue monitoring the implementation of the action plans of KPN Plantation.

March 2021 KPN has published its third progress report on its NDPE Policy Compliance and updated 60-month time-bound action plan.
June 2021 KPN Plantation engaged Earth Equalizer Foundation for Liability assessment of the development that occurred after December 31st, 2015.

The assessment resulted in a publicly available Recovery and Liability Plan.

The activity is located in Kubu Raya – West Kalimantan and Merauke – West Papua.