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April 2018 11 April 2018:

Aidenvironment report titled, “Palm Oil Sustainability Assessment of Salim-related companies in Borneo peat forests”, commissioned by Rainforest Action Network (RAN), Rainforest Foundation Norway and SumofUs.

Alleged clearance and drainage of the Ketungau peat swamp, in Sintang district West Kalimantan, by Duta Rendra Mulya (DRM) and Sawit Khatulistiwa Lestari (SKL), majority-owned and/or associated with Mr Anthoni Salim, despite new government regulations, and the sustainability policies adopted by associate subsidiaries of the Salim Group.

August 2018 Our last purchase date was in August 2018.
September 2018
19 September 2018:

Greenpeace published a report titled, “Final Countdown: Now or Never to Reform the Palm Oil Industry”.

The report alleged that Salim Group’s subsidiaries, Duta Rendra Mulya (DRM) cleared 1,720 hectares of forest, mostly on peatland and peat forest. The report also alleged that Sawit Khatulistiwa Lestari (SKL) cleared 5,315 hectares of forest, including peatland forest.

We consider the case closed as IndoAgri is no longer in our supply chain.