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February 2023

RAN report titled, “Keep Forests Standing: How Local Community Resistance is Saving the Last Rainforests of Borneo”, highlights the case of an industrial company, Harita Group. Two subsidiaries of Harita Group: Roda Mas Tbr Kalimantan (RMTK) and Kemakmuran Berkah Timber (KBT) are reported to have failed in respecting the rights of the Long Isun community including its FPIC in development of their customary lands.

The report further mentioned that Harita Group has controlling shares in both palm oil (Bumitama Agri Limited) and timber companies (Roda Mas Group). RAN is referring to Bumitama Group as part of the timber operations of Harita Group

Responding to RAN’s report, Harita Group and Bumitama Agri Ltd. have provided public responses.

Details of the public responses can be found respectively:

  1. Bumitama Group press release:
  1. Harita Group letter to RAN: