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February 2022 15 February 2022

Mighty Earth RRR 38 alleged that a total of 25 hectares of forest was cleared in PTD 1815 concession between February 2021 – January 2022.

The report mentioned that according to a July 2021 EIA report for PTD 1815, the Project Proponent for this concession is AA Sawit Sdn Bhd, which 49% of the share is owned by Mr. Chow, who also reported to own 54% of SH Trading Co Kluang Sdn Bhd (FFB trader) and 100% of Jernih Kemboja Sdn Bhd.

Musim Mas does not have a direct business relationship with AA Sawit Sdn Bhd. Hence the engagement was carried out through Jernih Kemboja Sdn Bhd as the direct buyer of AA Sawit Sdn Bhd.

March 2022
We have engaged the respected supplier and received the following information:

  • AA Sawit Sdn. Bhd., a company where Jernih Kemboja’s owner: Mr. Chow (who also shares 49% of the shareholder), was appointed by the landowner to clear approximately 25 acres of land in PTD 1815 for temporary workers’ quarters (five acres) and as a storage area (20 acres).
  • AA Sawit informed that they have not carried out any clearing work since June 2021 in PTD 1815.
June 2022 Jernih Kemboja Sdn Bhd informed that their supplier management will undertake the following activities over the coming six months:

  1. Implemented a stop-work-order on all existing and current on-going new developments, including PTD 1815 project.
  2. They are engaging independent third parties to conduct a Group Review on all development areas to understand the potential liability of their new developments.
  3. They will be guided by the recommendations from these independent project to support suitable recovery project.

Musim Mas will monitor the progress of this activity.