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December 2019 06 December 2019:

Mighty Earth RRR22 alleged that PT RIM Capital conducted deforestation where a total of 39 hectares of area were cleared between 11 September – 02 November 2019.

We contacted Goodhope to seek clarification.

Related to Mighty Earth’s report on alleged deforestation by PT Rim Capital, Goodhope has undertaken the verification process of the identified land clearance areas.

Goodhope has sent us following clarifications:

  1. Based on map analysis, one of the land clearance areas (-2.661, 112,231) is located outside of the concession.
  2. The other area (2.689, 112,227) was located within the concession of PT Rim Capital and the alleged area was impacted by the landfires that happened on 20th September 2019.
    PT Rim Capital has made and submitted a report to local authorities on 24th September 2019. The report clearly stated that the fire was not committed by the company but originated from burnt land or forests belonging to local communities that are closely located to the area of PT Rim Capital.
  3. PT Rim Capital has not conducted any land clearance since 2012. The company has no plan for new plantings.
  4. PT Rim Capital is planning to support the conservation of surrounding forest and mitigation of landfires through a number of initiatives, including:
    1. Community fire awareness training and development of early detection and warning system.
    2. Mapping land ownership and working together with the land owners on the prevention and control of fire threats.
    3. Demarcation of fire-prone areas and high-risk areas.
    4. Working with local authorities on the conservation of forest areas and mitigation of threats.

Based on above statement, we consider the Mighty Earth Report 22 case is resolved.