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May 2017 10 May 2017:

Chain Reaction Research (CRR) released an article titled, “The Chain: Felda Global Ventures Allegedly Defying Government of Indonesia Peatland Laws, Company Disagrees“. The article touches on how Citra Niaga Perkasa (CNP) cleared 240 hectares of High Conservation Value (HCV) forest on deep peatland greater than three meters.

July 2017 Greenpeace released a “Palm Oil Alert” bulletin. Greenpeace published a bulletin on FGV and repeated the allegations that FGV has cleared peatland, forests and has social issues with its migrant workers.

The bulletin reports that FGV had cleared 880 hectares of identified HCV peatlands in two concessions in West Kalimanatan: Citra Niaga Perkasa (CNP) and Temili Agro Abadi (TAA).

August 2017 FGV announced its enhanced Group Sustainability Policy and committed to the following:

  1. No deforestation of High Conservation Value and High Carbon Stock areas, and peatlands regardless of size and depth;
  2. Adopt best management practices on existing peatland estates; and endeavor to rehabilitate all peatlands planted on, after 25 August 2016 (in accordance RSPO’s rehabilitation guidelines, and in consultation with Indonesia’s Peatland Restoration Agency);
  3. Cease all new peat development regardless of the land acquisition date or any prior RSPO NPP approval.

FGV has also ceased all land development in Temila Agro Abadi (TAA) and Citra Niaga Perkasa (CNP) since 25 April 2017. The issue of its subsequent re-commencement of development for two weeks in May 2017 at TAA has since been resolved. With the enhancement to its Group Sustainability Policy, FGV has communicated that the development at TAA and CNP will be permanently discontinued.

It will also engage with the local communities and formulate programs to address their concerns.

September 2017 The RSPO Complaints Panel will be reviewing the independent report commissioned by FGV before it initiates any further on-site investigations.
January 2018 FGV published updates on its sustainability initiatives progress:

  1. Eight mills attained RSPO-certification
  2. Consulted with the Peatland Restoration Agency (BRG) and Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) on peat restoration and is working with the RSPO in conducting independent investigations into the alleged peat land clearance in Kalimantan.
  3. Announced a tentative peat management master plan
  4. FGV is also seeking an independent verification of community conflict in Temila Agri Abadi (TAA).

The full document can be accessed here.

April 2018 FGV announced the progress update on its social compliance and human rights initiatives related to the allegations by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), peat and the High Carbon Stock (HCS) approach.

The document lists all the actions which have been undertaken to address the allegation and timelines.

The progress report can be found here.

May 2018 Musim Mas followed up with FGV, to engage them on their labor and peat issues.
October 2019 12 October 2019:

Mighty Earth RRR20  alleged deforestation by Citra Niaga Perkasa (CNP) of an estimated four hectares between 22 May – 21 August 2019.

We reached out to FGV after the allegations in Mighty Earth RRR20 were raised.
FGV clarified that the clearance location given in the report belongs to the local community. The clearing of the land has been carried out by the land owner since June 2019 for paddy planting.

The stop-work order for FGV Kalimantan (CNP & TAA) remains in force since May 2017 and since then, FGV Kalimantan has not carried out any land clearing except for maintenance of roads, drains and boundary trenches.