Fangiono Agri Plantation group (FAP)

Fangiono Agri Plantation (FAP) is a privately-owned oil palm plantations company, headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia.

FAP has a corporate website which can be found here.

1) Greenpeace report titled, “Deforestation Case Studies” (December 2017)

2) Greenpeace report titled, “Final Countdown: Now or Never to Reform the Palm Oil Industry” (19 September 2018)

3) Mighty Earth report titled, “Rapid Response Report 9” (30 October 2018)

4) Mighty Earth report titled, “Rapid Response Report 22” (06 December 2019)

(1) No RSPO membership for PT Fangiono Agri Plantation group (FAP), which was claimed to be a part of the First Resources group

(2) Lack of proof on FAP’s agreement to comply with First Resources’ request to comply with HCS requirements

(3) Alleged deforestation by PT Ketapang Hijau Lestari, where a total of 250 hectares of forest were cleared in East Kalimantan province between 25 July and 22 September 2018.

(4) Alleged deforestation by PT Tirta Madu Sawit Jaya (PT TMSJ), where a total of 17 ha of forests were cleared between 07 September – 13 November 2019.

October 2018
We have engaged FAP and sought clarification on their relationship with First Resources and also, on their sustainability initiatives.

December 2019
We reached out to FAP for clarification as soon as the report was published.

April 2018
The clarification on two of FAP’s subsidiaries – PT Setia Agro Utama (SAU) and PT Marsam Citra Adiperkasa (MCA) can be found here.

October 2018
FAP confirmed there is no relation between First Resources and FAP in terms of ownership nor management. FAP has one location in Sumatra and 10 locations in Kalimantan.

There is on-going land development work.

A HCS study (using Toolkit 1) was done in 2017 by Sonokling and a ‘stop work order’ was in place for 6 months during that period. Based on the study, certain areas has been set aside as conservation areas. No clearance or development is allowed on those areas.

FAP has its own SOP on sustainability, which can be found here.

FAP is transparent and willing to share documents such as its HCS study, legal permits and location maps on request, subject to certain conditions.

They have ISPO certification for two concessions. The management is very concerned about sustainability, and is considering applying for the RSPO certification.

December 2019
FAP clarified that they did not conduct any deforestation and the alleged location was located outside of PT TMSJ’s concession and provide supporting documents.

We have internally verified the documents provided and confirmed that the coordinates were located outside of the concession.

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