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August 2020

21 August 2020:

RAN report titled “Major Brands and Banks Complicit in the Production of Conflict Palm Oil on Stolen Community Lands in Indonesia” highlighted the following issues:

    • Decades-long unresolved conflict between Dua Perkasa Lestari (DPL) with the Pante Cermin community
    • Negligence process to seek Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) from Pante Cermin community
    • Lack of proper permits for PT DPL to operate
    • Development on peat
    • Use of military personnel to intimidate and displace community members.
  1. According to RAN’s field investigation, Beurata Subur Persada (BSP) has received Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) from DPL
  2. RAN stated that DPL has committed to a moratorium for land clearing
As Musim Mas does not have a direct business relationship with DPL, the engagement was carried out through Beurata Subur Persada (BSP) as a direct buyer of DPL.
Based on our engagement with BSP regarding the alleged issue raised in RAN’s report dated 21 August 2020, we were made aware of the following information:

  1. DPL stated that the land issue between the company and the Pante Cermin community has been going on since years ago. As an effort to settle the dispute, on 29 September 2019, a meeting was held between DPL, the Regional Government, Plantation service, Police, Military and Plasma Community.
  2. DPL conveyed that the company is operating on an area with Land Cultivation Right that is in accordance with BPN decree.
  3. DPL conveyed to DPRK that if the community is able to provide the land ownership document, this issue can then be solved through legal process.
  4. DPL also stated that to-date, the company has not disturbed the community land planted with mature oil palms.

Musim Mas will continue to engage with BSP regarding the case.

November 2020 We have reached out to BSP for the engagement updates regarding DPL’s case.

BSP has informed us that:

  • BSP has recommended DPL to carry out constructive engagement with the grievance raiser (LBH Banda Aceh and Walhi Aceh) to seek a win-win solution.
  • Considering the pandemic situation, the mediation process is planned to be implemented in the next 2-3 months, pending further notice.

We support the constructive communication between BSP and DPL, and will closely monitor for further progress.

February 2021

BSP provided the following engagement updates to Musim Mas:

  • DPL management is trying to schedule a constructive dialogue with LBH Banda Aceh and Walhi Aceh. Due to the pandemic situation, both parties have not yet set a date for the activity.

BSP did a site visit to DPL on January 2021. During the visit, there was no identified active confrontation occurring on the site.

July 2021 PT BSP informed us that the mediation process between DPL and Walhi Aceh was still hindered by pandemic situation.
August 2022 On 25 August 2022, Musim Mas continued the discussion through a meeting with BSP to discuss in detail DPL’s situation.

During the meeting, various options were discussed to resolve the situation.

BSP has decided not to source Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB) from DPL. The last purchase was on 22 August 2022.

Based on the above information, the development on peat within DPL is no longer linked to BSP’s supply chain.

Therefore, we consider the case resolved.