Musim Mas
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Date Progress
July 2018 We engaged DSN in a meeting and briefed them on our sustainability policy and NDPE commitments. We also stressed the need for DSN to proactively address any issues that were not in line with our sustainability guidelines.

DSN gave a detailed response to our queries and demonstrated a commitment to sustainable practices in its operations.

December 2018

12 December 2018:

Foresthints article “POIG member linked to drainage of peat restoration areas” alleged that Banyu Kahuripan Indonesia, a part of Dhanistha Surya Nusantara (DSN) (in the article it was wrongly identified as belonging to MAKIN Group), have exploited burnt peatlands, which  have been targeted for restoration since mid-September 2016 by the Indonesian Peat Restoration Agency (BRG).

We sought clarification from the DSN team on the (peat) issues raised in the Foresthints article

DSN responded to our request for clarifications with cogent evidence of its compliance to Indonesia’s Plantation laws.

DSN also stated that it has a NDPE policy in place and follow the practices of the RSPO closely. It has demonstrated that it did not plant nor drain Peatland , nor did it interfere with the work of the Badan Restorasi Gambut (BRG). Furthermore, PT Banyu Kahuripan Indonesia have been taken out of the Peat Moratorium by BRG.

February 2019

21 February 2019:

Foresthints published another article “Musim Mas makes dubious claim about supplier” following up on their previous article raised in December 2018.

We engaged DSN in February 2019 to verify the allegations of development in BRG restoration areas. DSN provided evidence that the concession of PT BKI is not within the peat moratorium areas set by Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment and Forestry, KLHK.

DSN has also produced a soil survey report, conducted by an independent third party that showed that PT BKI is not within the peat areas.

DSN has engaged the Peatland Restoration Agency, Badan Restorasi Gambut (BRG) to clarify that the status of the area within PT BKI could be taken out from BRG restoration map. BRG has appointed the expertise for field verification. DSN will actively update Musim Mas on the process outcome. We will be following up with DSN closely and review the case within 90 working days.


September 2021
We followed up with PT BKI to get the recent update regarding the peat areas highlighted by Foresthints.

PT BKI informed that the field verification results of the inventory of characteristics of the peat ecosystem in the PT BKI concession area implemented by the Directorate of Peat Damage Control team, showed that the area highlighted by Foresthints was mineral soil and not peat area.

Based on the above statement, we consider the case is resolved.