Musim Mas
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February 2023

Mighty Earth RRR 41 alleged that PT Sebuku Inti Plantation, part of Central Cipta Murdaya Group (CCM Group), cleared a total of 32 hectares of forest between December 2021-November 2022.

Musim Mas is linked to the case through PT Hardaya Inti Plantation (PT HIP) as it is also part of the CCM Group.

Prior to Mighty Earth report, our monitoring system has detected the land cover change within PT SIP’s concession. Based on that, we immediately did internal analysis and engaged with the supplier.

We were informed that PT SIP were developing the remaining area in their HGU.

Align with our NDPE commitment, we recommended PT SIP to stop the land development and conduct an HCS/HCV assessment by ALS-licensed assessor.

PT SIP has stopped the land clearing as of 2 February 2023. A timeline of HCS/HCV assessment of PT SIP has also been developed.