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January 2020 08 January 2020:

Mighty Earth RRR23 alleged deforestation by Andalan Sukses Makmur (ASMR) where a total of 129 hectares of forest were cleared between 4 September – 24 December 2019.

We contacted Bumitama to seek clarification after the allegations made in Mighty Earth RRR 23 were raised.

Bumitama clarified that:

  1. Based on the field verification, the alleged clearance area was a fire scar from fires that occurred in September 2019. The incident was reported to relevant local authorities and RSPO.
  2. These areas were set-aside for conservation based on the rapid HCS assessment and peat delineation study conducted in April 2014 (refer to their 12 September 2014 Announcement here)
  3. Bumitama communicated with the local community about its plans to conserve this area and installed signage informing about its zoning for conservation. Despite Bumitama’s management permit, this area belongs to the local community and its conservation is therefore subject to the principles of FPIC. Bumitama’s patrolling team approached the people that use this land for small–scale paddy and oil palm Plantation development and cautioned them about the restrain on purchase of palm fruit originated from conservation areas, as per its 2015 Sustainability policy.

Based on above updates we consider the Mighty Earth Report 23 case is closed.