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December 2019 06 December 2019:

Mighty Earth RRR22 alleged that Damai Agro Sejahtera (DAS) developed on peat, where a total of 948 hectares of area were cleared between 06 September – 13 November 2019.

We contacted Bumitama to seek clarification.

Bumitama clarified that the alleged areas were not cleared but impacted by forest fires which occurred during the peak of the dry season in September 2019.

Upon ground-check, the degree of damage in the fire-scarred area varies; from apparently unaffected to scorched and burned vegetation. These areas were all set-aside for conservation and will undergo rehabilitation planting under the Bumitama Biodiversity and Community Project (BBCP).

Prior to the fire incident, company’s BBCP patrols noticed there were increased illegal logging activity in the area, taking advantage from the access road opened by the local mining company. Activities of external parties inside the conservation areas, amplified by the unusually hot, windy and dry weather, low levels of ground water and hard-to-access terrain are presumed the main causes of the fires.

Read the full release here.

Based on the above statement we consider the Mighty Earth Report 22 case is resolved