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March 2020 23 March 2020:

GresNews released an article, “2 Petani Lahat Tewas, Wilmar International Dkk Didesak Putus Rantai Pasok Bukit Barisan Indah Prima

According to the news, conflict between the Lahat farmer and PT Artha Prigel (PT AP) has been happening for a long time. The news states that since 1993, PT AP’s operation in several villages, especially in Desa Talang Sawah and Talang Sejemput was without official permit. The company’s proposal for Cultivation Right (HGU) in 2003 was issued by the National Land Agency of Lahat Regency (BPN) in 2006.  It is mentioned that the provoking incident between both parties resulted in two fatalities and both sides with injuries and required hospital treatment.

We reached out to Bukit Barisan Indah Prima (BBIP) on 27 March 2020.

BBIP gave following explanations on the issue.

Land Claim:

  1. PT Artha Prigel (AP) has been operating since 1983 and has obtained its Land-Use Title (HGU) over their operational area since 2006 and it is applicable for a period of 35 years (until 2041).
  2. Due to the trees being old, in 2017 the area was replanted and expected to enter harvesting season in 2020.
  3. In early 2019, a group of people claimed the land, which covers an approximate 180 ha. The area had never been claimed before.
  4. Government has conducted mediation on July 2019 and in the midst of mediation, the land claimant occupied and blocked the area. On February 2020, the area was confirmed to be inside AP HGU and the blockade was removed by the police.

The incident on 21 March 2020:

  1. AP maintenance employees were working accompanied by company security and 4 police personnel. About 70 claimants entered the area and stopped the work.
  2. The AP employees decided to leave, and stones were suddenly thrown at them as they were getting on their vehicles. One AP security was beaten up, and as another staff tried to help he was also assaulted and hit with sharp weapons. The AP Security Guard exercised self-defense which resulted in the death of 2 villagers.
  3. The police fired warning shots and the incident stopped. The injured were taken to the hospital.
  4. AP reported the incident to the local police for it to be investigated as per applicable legal procedures. AP will fully respect and support the police investigation.
  5. AP management presented their condolences to the family of the victim, and is communicating with the family to bring them comfort.

Musim Mas will continue to engage with PT AP/BBIP regarding the case.

April 2020 NGO, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre reached out to us for our response towards this issue.
October 2020

19 October 2020:

We contacted BBIP for updates.

BBIP gave following explanation and update:

  1. The provincial court sentenced the defendant to 11 years of jail. The defendant, who was the security staff of PT AP, submitted a cassation to Supreme Court.
  2. With regards to the land claim, PT AP suggested that the claimants pursue litigation process.
  3. PT AP has reaffirmed the SOP to all members of its security unit, forbidding sharp weapons to be carried by their security personnel.