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July 2019 18 July 2019:

Mighty Earth RRR17 alleged that Usaha Sawit Unggul (USU) developed 23 hectares of peat forest and 28 hectares for land clearing preparation between 29 April – 05 July 2019.

The report also alleged that USU is a subsidiary of Asianagro Lestari, who is part of RGE Group. The report indicated that RGE Group companies include Asian Agri and Apical.

We engaged USU after RRR17 was released. We are following up on further clarification from USU on the supporting evidence to substantiate the response on their website.

USU stated that internal investigations revealed that the reported clearance occurred outside of their concession. Subsequently, Apical published the clarifications on its grievance page, the link can be found here.

Based on the above statement, we consider the Mighty Earth Report 17 case is resolved.

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