Anglo Eastern Plantations (AEP)

Anglo-Eastern Plantations PLC (AEP), headquartered in London, is a publicly-listed company which owns, operates and develops oil palm and rubber plantations in Indonesia and Malaysia.

AEP has a corporate website which can be found here.

1) Mighty Earth report titled, “Rapid Response Report 1” (17 November 2017) sent to us via email.

2) Greenpeace report titled, “Deforestation case studies” (December 2017) sent to us via email.

3) Greenpeace report titled, “Final Countdown: Now or Never to Reform the Palm Oil Industry” (19 September 2018)

4) Mighty Earth report titled, “Rapid Response Report 14” (12 April 2019)

5) Mighty Earth report titled, “Rapid Response Report 15” (22 May 2019)

(1a) The report alleges deforestation by PT Kahayan Agro Plantation (PT KAP), of an estimated 420 hectares between October 2016 and September 2017, including clearing of Bornean Orangutan habitat. Prior to October 2016, an estimated 3,593 hectares were cleared, including 700 hectares of orangutan habitat.

(1b) Land conflict and licensing issues, including:
(1b-i) Disregard of Gunung Mas Regent’s decree to excise land from their concession due to the concerns of local people, and the continued acquisition of land despite a ban on PT KAP on land sale negotiations.

(1b-ii) Disregard of Governor’s directive to conduct an inventory of all land claims within the PT KAP concession.

(1c) Purchase of Fresh Fruit Bunch(s) by PT Alno Agro Utama (PT AAU), from supplier PT Gantur Madu Agrotama (PT GMA) which allegedly deforested 92 hectares between December 2016 to August 2017.

(2) Alleged deforestation of 1,100 hectares of secondary forests between October 2015 to October 2017 by PT KAP, of which some cleared forests are orangutan habitat.

(4) The report alleges deforestation of 189 hectares of forest by PT Kahayan Agro Plantation (PT KAP) between 18 May 2018 to 01 April 2019.

(5) The report alleges deforestation by PT KAP, of an estimated 40 hectares between 01 April to 02 May 2019.

November 2017
We sent a letter to express our concerns related to the report; and requested for more information on the issues raised.

February 2018
We reached out to AEP on the actions undertaken to alleviate the issues highlighted on their operations.

April 2019
We are still in discussion with AEP about peer review process.

November 2017
AEP has confirmed that its subsidiary, PT AAU, does not purchase FFB from PT GMA. The owners of PT GMA are unknown to them.

Further to the above, AEP also shared a letter of clarification by PT KAP, as well as a report on HCV identification. The company states that it is in compliance with the Plantation laws of Indonesia, that the land has been obtained legally and compensated for, and plasma being developed, HCV assessment was done in 2011, and that they are at stage one of obtaining ISPO certification.

March 2018
AEP has conveyed the following:
(i) that a stop-work order on land clearing is in place;
(ii) a High Carbon Stock (HCS) study is being undertaken;
(iii) a Sustainability Policy is in practice;
(iv) an MoU has been signed with the community in Desa Dandang Kecamatan Kahayan Hulu Utara to maintain a conservation area.

August 2018
HCV/HCS assessments to be completed in September 2018.

January 2019
AEP is in the process of submitting their HCS report to the HCS secretariat.

AEP have submitted their PT Kahayan Agro Plantation HCS report (no. 52) to the HCS secretariat. Refer to the status of AEP’s report submission here.

May 2019
We have been informed by AEP that they are actively discussing with the HCSA peer review committee to expedite the quality review.

PT Kahayan Agro Plantation has also mentioned that they are going to issue a moratorium (stop work order) on new land clearing starting from 03 June 2019 until the peer review process is finished (estimated timeframe of 3.5 months or earlier).

December 2019
We have been informed by AEP that they have completed the HCSA peer review for PT Kahayan Agro Plantation . Results of the review can be found here.

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