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May 2020 09 May 2020:

Mighty Earth RRR27 alleged that 149 hectares of forest were cleared in Agrindo Green Lestari (AGL) concession between 11 September 2019 – 23 February 2020. The report alleged that Agrindo Green Lestari (AGL) is part of the Ciliandry Anky Abadi Group (CAA), owned by the Fangiono family. The Fangiono family also owns Fangiono Agro Plantation (FAP Agri).

We reached out to FAP Agri for clarification regarding the ownership linkage between FAP Agri with CAA as reported in Mighty Earth Report 27.

Responding to Mighty Earth Report 27, FAP Agri has clarified the following:

  1. Agrindo Green Lestari, Ciliandry Anky Abadi (CAA) Group is not a subsidiary, an associated company or a related party of FAP Agri Group.
  2. FAP Agri Group does not have any financial, legal or operational relationship with CAA Group.
  3. FAP Agri remains committed to the Sustainability Policy and pledges to NDPE which applies to all of their subsidiaries, associated companies and external suppliers.

As a result of the above engagement and with the evidence provided, we consider this case closed.