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Singapore – Musim Mas Group (Musim Mas or the Group) remains firmly committed to implementing its sustainability policy that extends to its third party suppliers.

A report issued by an Indonesian coalition of Non-Governmental Groups (NGOs), Eyes on the Forest (EoF) called for a more efficient solution to address the legality in the Tesso Nilo National Park in Riau, a gazette national park.

Musim Mas takes the grievance raised in the report seriously and will engage the mentioned 14 mills within the coming weeks. Going forward, the Group will work with other mentioned companies to adopt the necessary steps such as field investigation.

The Group does not purchase any FFBs directly from this area. Nonetheless, the Group recognises that the points raised in the report are serious and represent a potential breach of its sustainability policy for its third-party suppliers.

Musim Mas expects its third party suppliers to observe its sustainability policy. Before the publication of the report, the Group has also actively communicated to its third party suppliers.

Regarding the progress on policy implementation, Musim Mas has actively published its list of third-party suppliers and announced other broader multi-stakeholder initiatives. It is also in active engagement with the other companies mentioned in the report.

At Musim Mas, we believe that the solution involves a landscape-level approach with different stakeholders who can monitor these mills and their land area. Given the complexity of the landscape and the dynamics of the actors, a solution needs to consider these factors as part of a larger debate.

Lastly, the Group also hopes that EoF will consider a landscape level approach involving all stakeholders in the area.

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Carolyn Lim
Corporate Communications
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