Musim Mas
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Masol Iberia Biofuel S.L.U - Castellon, Spain

Location: Spain
Address: Darsena Sur Pureto de Castellon (Grao) 114, 12100 Castellon de la Plana, Spain
Product type: Crude Palm Oil (CPO)
Period: October - December 2019


Supplying mills based on region – Crude Palm Oil (CPO)

Region Number of Mills
Bengkulu 1
Central Kalimantan 1
North Sumatra 1
Riau 1
Riau Islands Province 1
West Sumatra 1
Bangka Belitung 2
Lampung 2
South Sumatra 2
Total 12

Supplier Traceability to Mill

Traceable (%) CPO PK
Traceable to mill¹ 100.00% n.a
Unknown³ 0.00% n.a
Total 100.00% n.a

Supplier Traceability to Plantation

Traceable (%) CPO PK
Traceable to plantation² 44.43% n.a
Unknown³ 55.57% n.a
Total 100.00% n.a

Supplier Information

Number of Suppliers CPO PK
Musim Mas mill 0 n.a
Third-party mill 8 n.a
Musim Mas processing unit˜ 4 n.a
Othersˆ 0 n.a
Total 12 n.a
Supply Volume (%) CPO PK
Musim Mas mill 0.00% n.a
Third-party mill 35.44% n.a
Musim Mas processing unit˜ 64.56% n.a
Othersˆ 0.00% n.a
Total 100.00% n.a
RSPO-certified mill CPO PK
7 n.a

a. Traceable to mill¹ refers to traceability to the mill/ Crude Palm Oil (CPO) / Palm Kernel (PK) level.

b. Traceable to Plantation² refers to traceability to mill and then to the source Plantation /CPO/PK and Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) levels.

c. Third Party mill (Direct): Direct mill listed represent mills supplied to Musim Mas refinery directly

d. Third Party Mill (Indirect): Indirect mill listed represent mills supplied to Musim Mas’ third party refinery, traders etc

e. Unknown³ refers to oil that is either not traceable to known plantations or that the data on the origin of the oil is insufficient.

f. Processing units˜ refer to refinery and/or Kernel Crushing plant, etc.

g. Othersˆ refer to facilities such as refineries, bulk storage facilities and traders.

h. Please refer to our terms and conditions on the use of the data in this document.

List of Suppliers

No Parent Company Mill CPO PK Longitude Latitude UML ID
1 Musim Mas Inti Benua Perkasatama-Lubuk Gaung X 101.371094 1.748872
2 Musim Mas Musim Mas-Batam X 104.134000 1.074570
3 Musim Mas Musim Mas-Belawan X 98.698390 3.782778
4 Musim Mas Wira Inno Mas-Padang X 100.373472 -0.473798
5 SIPEF Muko-Muko X 101.278605 -2.600990 PO1000001278
6 SMART Bumi Sawit Mill X 104.345660 -3.525370 PO1000001611
7 SMART Hanau Mill X 112.109694 -2.360850 PO1000001154
8 SMART Leidong West Mill X 105.476417 -1.901361 PO1000001372
9 SMART Muara Kandis Mill X 103.176389 -2.900167 PO1000001631
10 SMART Sungai Buaya Mill X 105.438540 -4.127190 PO1000001342
11 SMART Sungai Merah Mill X 105.588323 -4.218333 PO1000001343
12 SMART Tanjung Kembiri Mill X 107.771833 -3.031250 PO1000001383