Musim Mas Group is a vertically integrated palm oil business offering an extensive portfolio of downstream products. Utilizing the strength of our supply chain, we understand the fast-changing landscape of your consumers, and thus we are able to value-add to your business by offering the following solutions for your intended applications.

The full catalog of our products are:

Musim Mas produces environmentally friendly palm oil-based biodiesel, that has achieved various certifications for sustainability. Our Biofuels are obtained from renewable natural resources, and are viable alternatives to fossil fuels.

With notable efficacy, our Bleaching Earths (activated bleaching earths, bleaching clays, or activated Fuller´s Earth), have earned outstanding reputation for their effectiveness in purifying oils and fats before their final applications.

With dietary benefits for cows, poultry and pigs; our Bypass Feed fats provide a balanced feed using high-quality fatty acids essential in maintaining and improving herd health and pushing the boundaries on milk constituent production.

The advantages of purchasing Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and Palm Kernel Oil (PKO) from Musim Mas is in our vertical integration that includes extensive logistic offerings, our many certifications, and commitment to sustainability.

Producing some of Indonesia and India’s best-loved cooking oils, find out more about our consumer packaged range of cooking oils for home and commercial applications.

Our blends consist of Emulsifiers and Hydrocolloids to provide emulsification, stabilization, viscosity and mouthfeel to various food and beverage products. Explore our customizable range of blends for your application.

Emulsifiers perform various functions such as the emulsification of two or more immiscible phases, starch complexing and dough strengthening in bread-making, demulsification in ice-cream, and as a drying agent for yeast. Learn more about our customization capabilities.

Produced at the highest quality, our Esters serve as industrial agents used to react with water to produce alcohols, and both inorganic and organic acids. They serve as Functional Products for Personal Care and Industrial Applications, and are among the value-added products within the Musim Mas portfolio.

Musim Mas produces fatty acids, widely used as raw materials for various industries and as intermediaries for antimicrobial pesticides, and the chemical synthesis of other products.

Naturally derived from Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil, we offer fatty alcohols with chain lengths ranging from C8 to C18.

Utilizing the integrated business of Musim Mas, we produce a range of high-quality consumer packaged goods used in daily household necessities. Our products range from laundry soaps, detergents, fabric softeners, dishwashing liquids to floor cleaners.

Our margarine products are an essential spread used for flavoring, baking, and cooking applications as a vegetarian substitute for butter.

A type of fatty acid with health benefits, our Medium-Chain Triglycerides are directly sourced and extracted from Palm Kernel Oil, and Coconut Oil. Available for commercial uses, find out how you can partner with us here.

Palm wax holds and disperses fragrances better than other types of waxes. Other advantageous qualities include its superior consistency, and higher melting point compared to other waxes.

Made through laboratory controlled transesterification, hydrolysis, or saponification processes; we are able to produce refined Glycerine derived from various vegetable oils. Explore the high quality range of Glycerin we are able to offer.

Musim Mas produces soap noodles for cosmetics, toiletries, laundry soap, and other specialty applications. We also customize soap noodles to meet the specific needs of manufacturers.

Originating as the Nam Cheong Soap Factory in 1932, Musim Mas has a strong heritage in soap making. With more than 70 years of experience and a vertically integrated supply chain, we are able to manufacture high quality consumer packaged soaps.

Utilizing the latest technologies and adhering to stringent international standards, Musim Mas produces a range of specialty application oils for various purposes. Gain access to our range here.

Musim Mas manufactures a wide range of specialty fats to meet the needs of the bakery, dairy, and confectionery industries worldwide and customizes fats to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

Surfactants are versatile molecules that reduce surface and interfacial tension. These are used in home care, industrial, institutional cleaning, and agricultural applications.

We produce naturally sourced Vitamin E comprising of Tocotrienol-rich fraction extracted from palm oil through a unique solvent-free extraction technology. Also comprising of natural Tocopherols, find out more here.

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