Our Subsidiaries

Musim Mas Group is a fully integrated palm oil corporation that delivers the high-quality palm oil products and derivatives used across multiple industries in more than 80 countries. In order to provide a high standard of quality, innovation and logistics, our group has vertically integrated subsidiaries focusing on the different value chains for our customers.

Our Businesses

Company Name Details of Service Country
Keto Science Pte Ltd (dr. MCT®) Keto Science Pte Ltd was established in 2016. As one of the leading global suppliers of consumer packaged Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), Musim Mas owns the dr. MCT® brand of innovative functional foods and drinks that suits every lifestyle. Its range of products are specifically designed for end consumers to kickstart their day with healthy nutrition for the brain and body. Singapore
Inter-Continental Oils & Fats Pte Ltd A wholly owned subsidiary established in 2003, ICOF participates in the sale and supply of palm oil products and its derivatives globally. Singapore
Musim Mastika Oils & Fats (M) Sdn. Bhd. Established in 2014, Musim Mastika Oils & Fats operates our first refinery located in Tanjung Langsat. Johor Bahru, Malaysia
Musim Mas Holdings Pte Ltd Established in 2007, Musim Mas Holdings Pte Ltd is the holding company of both PT Musim Mas and ICOF Singapore Singapore
North Continental Oils & Fats Vietnam Company Limited Established in 2013, North Continental Oils & Fats Vietnam operates our state-of-the-art refinery based in Vietnam Thanh Hoa, Vietnam
PT Musim Mas Established in 1972, PT Musim Mas is a part of Musim Mas Holdings Pte Ltd. Medan, Indonesia
PT Megasurya Mas A leader in palm oil and its derivative products, PT. Megasurya Mas services the Indonesian market in palm oil refining and fractionation, margarine and shortening, palm wax, glycerine, and soap manufacturing. East Java, Indonesia
PT Mikie Oleo Nabati Industri A Musim Mas subsidiary, PT Mikie Oleo Nabati Industri’s core business is the refining of crude palm oil (CPO) into cooking oil and other specialty products such as margarine, shortening, and frying fat. West Java, Indonesia
Shanghai Continental Co., Ltd. (春金投资(中国)有限公司) Established in 2009, Shanghai Continental is our Marketing & Sales Office servicing the greater China region. Shanghai, China
South India Krishna Oil and Fats Pvt Ltd (SIKOF) Established since 2011, SIKOF operates our state-of-the-art refinery, manufacturing, and serves as a trading hub for the Indian region. Telangana, India
Company Name Details of Service Country
Campa Iberia Established in 2007, this is our first office in Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona, Spain
Dutch Glycerin Refinery B.V. DGR B.V. is a state-of-the-art glycerine distillation production plant acquired by the Musim Mas Group (Previous part of BioMCN) in 2016 located at the AKZO – NOURYON Chemical Park Delzijl (CDP) of Farmsum in the Netherlands. Farmsum, The Netherlands
ICOF Europe GmbH Our Marketing & Sales Office Hamburg, Germany
ICOF Europe Ltd. Our Marketing & Sales Office London, United Kingdom
IM Biofuel Italy S.r.l. Opened in 2010, it functions as our trading office based in Milan. Milano, Italy
Maschem B.V. MASCHEM B.V. is a state-of-the-art greenfield Ethoxylation production plant start-up in 2016 located at the Terneuzen Chemical DOW I-Park area in the Netherlands. Terneuzen, The Netherlands
Masphate S.L.U. Operating a state-of-the-art Sulfonation production plant acquired by the Musim Mas Group in 2017, MASPHATE S.L.U is located in the industrial area of Barbastro in Spain. Huesca, Spain
Company Name Details of Service Country
BMI Oils Comercial Ltda. Established in 2015, it is the Musim Mas Group’s first office in South America, and marks our entry into the market. BMI Oils functions as our Marketing & Sales Office for the region. Santa Cecilia, Brazil
ICOF America Inc. Established in 2008, ICOF America Inc. functions as our Marketing & Sales Office for the region. Ohio, United States

The list of subsidiaries that are displayed here does not represent the full list of Musim Mas Group’s subsidiaries. For further enquiries on our other subsidiaries, please contact us.

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