Period January - March 2019

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Agro Makmur Raya - Bitung, North Sulawesi

Location: Bitung, Sulawesi (view supply chain map)

 Jl. Soekarno No. 01 Kecamatan Maesa, Kelurahan Bitung Timur, Bitung, Sulawesi Utara, Indonesia
Product type: Crude Palm Oil (CPO)  

Traceability Report

Date range for data:  January to March 2019

Supplying mills based on region - Crude Palm Oil (CPO)
RegionNumber of Mills
Central Sulawesi3
East Kalimantan1
North Kalimantan3

Supplier Traceability to Mill

Traceable (%)CPOPK
Traceable to mill¹100.00%n.a
Unknown³ 0.00%n.a

Supplier Traceability to Plantation
Traceable (%)CPOPK
Traceable to plantation²48.66%n.a
Unknown³ 51.34%n.a

Supplier Information
Number of SuppliersCPOPK
Musim Mas mill0n.a
Third-party mill7n.a
Musim Mas processing unit˜0n.a

Supply Volume (%)CPOPK
Musim Mas mill0.00%n.a
Third-party mill100.00%n.a
Musim Mas processing unit˜0.00%n.a

RSPO-certified millCPOPK


a. Traceable to mill¹ refers to traceability to the mill/ Crude Palm Oil (CPO) / Palm Kernel (PK) level.

b. Traceable to Plantation ² refers to traceability to mill and then to the source Plantation /CPO/PK and Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) levels.

c. Unknown³ refers to oil that is either not traceable to known plantations or that the data on the origin of the oil is insufficient.

d. Processing units˜ refer to refinery and/or Kernel Crushing plant, etc. 

e. Othersˆ refer to facilities such as refineries, bulk storage facilities and traders. 

f. Please refer to our terms and conditions on the use of the data in this document. 

List of Suppliers


No Parent Company Mill CPO PK Latitude Longitude
1 Astra Agro Lestari Tbk Agro Nusa Abadi X   2° 7' 46.88 "S 121° 29' 6.37 "E
2 Dhanista Surya Nusantara Salimbatu  X   3° 6' 53.64 "N 117° 15' 55.08 "E
3 Fangiono Agro Plantation Bhumi Simanggaris Indah X   4° 14' 16 "N 117° 21' 50.8 "E
4 Fangiono Agro Plantation Karangjuang Hijau Lestari X   4° 2' 6.4 "N 116° 55' 39.1 "E
5 Minamas Tamaco Graha Krida-Ungkaya X   2° 13' 22 "S 121° 33' 49 "E
6 PT Hardaya Inti Plantations Hardaya Inti Plantations X   1° 1' 35 "N 121° 21' 39 "E
7 PT Tirta Madu Sawit Jaya Tirta Madu Sawit Jaya X   4° 6' 46.397 "N 117° 2' 34.529 "E