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Sustainability Policy


As one of the largest players in the Palm Oil industry, we believe that the best strategy to ensure our continued success is to be the leading sustainable and responsible company. 

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The core tenent of our sustainability strategy is the Sustainability Policy which extends to our global operations, including our third-party suppliers. 

In developing our policy, we engaged a broad spectrum of stakeholders to receive feedback on their concerns. These are used to prioritise key issues and to identify opportunities for innovation within our organisation.

The progress to the implementation of our sustainability policy are updated in the Progress Reports below.

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Policy Implementation Plan

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Since our Sustainability Policy was published in 2014, the palm oil industry has seen much progress.

We have gained a wide range of experience in implementing our policy for achieving impact. This implementation plan, published in June 2018, reflects the latest developments in Best Practices and articulates our approach to policy implementation. 

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Sustainability Commitments

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On 4th December 2014, Musim Mas announced its Sustainability Policy as a public affirmation of the Group's commitment to sustainable Palm Oil .

No policy can be credible without an effective and regular communication on the progress to meet the stated commitments in the policy. Musim Mas is committed to a bi-annual reporting on the achievements and milestones of the policy.

Policy Implementation Milestones

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