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South Sumatra's Importance to Musim Mas

Musi Banyuasin (MUBA) district in the South Sumatra province accounts for one of the highest number of supplier mills in our supply base and is hence important. MUBA is the province’s second largest district and its largest Palm Oil producer.

Even though past deforestation has been severe, there is still much remaining forest in MUBA (160,000 ha). There are three protected areas that cover 75,000 ha, protecting critically important tiger habitats including the Sembilang-Dangku landscape. 

While the region’s sustainability challenge is a microcosm of those faced throughout Indonesia, the opportunity lies in that MUBA offers a unique combination of a supportive local government, numerous progressive companies, and occurrence of multiple landscapes initiatives that create a rare platform for change. This regency has also been selected as the first regency to work towards the RSPO Jurisdictional certification. 

As such, South Sumatra is a high priority province for the implementation of our sustainability commitments. 

We have published the Diagnostics report for South Sumatra. To view the report, please click below. 

Diagnostics Report for South Sumatra
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Landscape Projects

South Sumatra Eco-region Alliance (Zoological Society of London and IDH)
We are one of the early private sector participants who has pledged our commitment to the multi-stakeholder initiative called South Sumatra Eco-region Alliance, led by donor organisation, the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH) and implementation partner, ZoologicalSociety of London (ZSL), a non-profit organisation.

Oil Palm Supply Chain Traceability Trial
A trial project has started with technical consultant Daemeter, together with Cadasta Foundation 
and IT consultant GeoTraceability, to undertake a pilot project to develop and implement a fully functioning Oil Palm Supply Chain Traceability System at one site in MUBA. 

Known as 'The Oil Palm Supply Chain Traceability', the system will be a chain-of-custody mobile application which enables individual Fresh Fruit Bunches to be tracked through the supply chain. A baseline study was conducted on the Smallholders and agents of our selected supplier mill, to determine the feasibility of developing this application. The study found that agents usually own a smartphone, and that importantly, mobile internet network in the selected area was strong and conducive enough to support this initiative.

Independent Smallholder Programme - Extension Services Programme (ESP)
We have started implementing the Extension Services Programme (ESP) with one third-party supplier in Sungai Lilin, Palembang, South Sumatra province with PT Bastian Olah Sawit (PT BOS). 

To read more about the ESP, please click here