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Grievance Mechanism


As part of our Sustainability Policy published in December 2014 followed by the implementation of our commitments, we undertook to establish a transparent and accountable grievance system as a platform for stakeholders to inform us of issues in our supply chain. The grievance mechanism will provide a systematic and fair approach in the treatment of grievances from the point of receiving the complaints.

Step-wise approach for handling grievances

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Initial Assessment of Grievance

Grievance Categories

Compliance GrievancesDispute Grievances
Against Musim Mas GroupAgainst Musim Mas Group
Against Third-party SuppliersAgainst Third-party Suppliers

Compliance Grievances: involve a breach of our Sustainability policy, RSPO P&C, RSPO Next, and/or the Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG) charter. 

Dispute Grievances: involve conflicts or disagreements between two or more parties.

Compliance Grievance - Process Flow 


Musim Mas Compliance 

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Third-Party Suppliers Compliance 

Grievance mechanism English-03.jpg

Dispute Grievance - Process Flow


Disputes involving Musim Mas Group 

Grievance mechanism English-04.jpg

Disputes involving Third-party Suppliers

Grievance mechanism English-05.jpg

Channels of Lodging a Complaint

Website submissionPlease click here to use the online form.  
By SMS(62) 8116159071
Required information:
(1) Name of Complainant

(2) Name of Musim Mas subsidiary/ third-party supplier/ others whom the complaint is made against.

(3) Key points of complaint
By Phone Call(62) 8116159071
By Fax(62) 61 6613060 
In Writing
150 Beach Road, Level 24, Gateway West, Singapore 189720
Attn: Corporate Communications Department (Grievance Coordinator) 

Grievance Cases

To view a list of outstanding grievance cases and the progress, please click here