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The Green Tigers Index ranks Palm Oil companies on their adherence to forest conservation requirements — showing which companies are slated to prosper in the new era of forest protection, and which are lagging far behind.

We are pleased to be listed as a Responsible Supplier in Forest Heros’ Green Tiger Rankings – a report which ranks the sustainability performance of major Palm Oil companies based on criteria including forest protection, high carbon stock protection, peat protection, and human rights records. 

Green Tigers are described as companies who are ‘adapting to the revolutionised global market by evolving to ensure that their growth does not come at the expense of forests’ and ‘are working aggressively to protect forests and reduce their overall environmental footprint are enjoying dramatically improved market access’ and ‘set to roar for decades to come.’

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Forest Heroes is a global effort to protect the Earth’s forests and climate, as well as the wildlife and human communities that rely upon them. The Forest Heros campaign is building a powerful global movement to break the link between agriculture and deforestation to ensure a living future for the world’s forests.

Forest Heros bring together some of the world’s leading advocacy organizations, scientists, governments, and private sector leaders dedicated to making a real difference. The world’s forests are in a state of emergency, and the Forest Heroes campaign is working to meet this challenge head on.