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Tvarur Oils & Fats - Tamil Nadu, India

Location: Tamil Nadu, India
Address: Karuppur Village Via Adiyakkamangalam, Semangalam Post, Thiruvarur District, Tamil Nadu - 611101, India.
Product type: Crude Palm Oil (CPO)
Period: January to March 2023


Oct - Dec 2023
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Jul - Sept 2023
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Apr - Jun 2023
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Jan - Mar 2023
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Supplying mills based on region – Crude Palm Oil (CPO) 

Region Number of Mills
Jambi 1
Riau Islands Province 1
Sabah 36
West Sumatra 2
Total 40

Supplier Traceability to Mill

Traceable (%) CPO PK
Traceable to mill¹ 100.00% n.a
Unknown³ 0.00% n.a
Total 100.00% n.a

Supplier Traceability to Plantation

Traceable (%) CPO PK
Traceable to plantation² 82.51% n.a
Unknown³ 17.49% n.a
Total 100.00% n.a

Supplier Information

Number of Unit CPO PK
Musim Mas mill 0 n.a
Third-party mill (Direct) 4 n.a
Third-party mil (Indirect) 36 n.a
Musim Mas processing unit˜ 0 n.a
Othersˆ 0 n.a
Total 40 n.a
Supply Volume (%) CPO PK
Musim Mas mill 0.00% n.a
Third-party mill (Direct) 25.00% n.a
Third-party mil (Indirect) 50.00% n.a
Musim Mas processing unit˜ 25.00% n.a
Othersˆ 0.00% n.a
Total 100.00% n.a
RSPO-certified Unit CPO PK
10 n.a

a. Traceable to mill¹ refers to traceability to the mill/ Crude Palm Oil (CPO) / Palm Kernel (PK) level.

b. Traceable to Plantation² refers to traceability to mill and then to the source Plantation /CPO/PK and Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) levels.

c. Third Party mill (Direct): Direct mill listed represent mills supplied to Musim Mas refinery directly

d. Third Party Mill (Indirect): Indirect mill listed represent mills supplied to Musim Mas’ third party refinery, traders etc

e. Unknown³ refers to oil that is either not traceable to known plantations or that the data on the origin of the oil is insufficient.

f. Processing units˜ refer to refinery and/or Kernel Crushing plant, etc.

g. Othersˆ refer to facilities such as refineries, bulk storage facilities and traders.

h. Please refer to our terms and conditions on the use of the data in this document.

List of Suppliers

Musim Mas Own Mill

No Parent Company Mill CPO PK Latitude Longitude UML ID

Third Party Mill (Direct)

No Parent company Mill CPO PK Latitude Longitude UML ID
1 Incasi Raya Bintara Tani Nusantara X 0.332396 99.382321 PO1000004375
2 Incasi Raya Megasawindo Perkasa – Pelepat X -1.685156 102.235468 PO1000004100
3 Incasi Raya Sumaterajaya Agrolestari – Silaut X -2.328962 100.992930 PO1000004169

Third Party Mill (Indirect)

No Parent company Mill CPO PK Latitude Longitude UML ID
1 Borneo Pacific (Holdings) Sdn Bhd Golden Elate X 5.137290 118.837979 PO1000003784
2 Boustead Holdings Berhad Rimba Nilai X 6.257608 117.312869 PO1000003736
3 Boustead Holdings Berhad Segamaha X 5.210414 117.809660 PO1000003737
4 Boustead Holdings Berhad Tawai X 5.645967 117.328000 PO1000003751
5 Budaya Potensi Sdn Bhd Sungai Ruku Oil Palm Plantation Sdn Bhd X 5.563670 117.900280 PO1000003856
6 Ditali Sdn Bhd Waris Selesa Sdn Bhd X 4.869653 118.090641 PO1000006167
7 FGV Holdings Bhd Kilang Sawit Baiduri Ayu X 5.081152 118.939752 PO1000000968
8 FGV Holdings Bhd Kilang Sawit Embara Budi X 5.132628 119.092728 PO1000001654
9 FGV Holdings Bhd Kilang Sawit Hamparan Badai X 5.327019 119.059917 PO1000001698
10 FGV Holdings Bhd Kilang Sawit Kalabakan X 4.370035 117.512487 PO1000001703
11 FGV Holdings Bhd Kilang Sawit Kembara Sakti X 5.360703 119.090861 PO1000001701
12 FGV Holdings Bhd Kilang Sawit Lancang Kemudi X 5.231894 119.056622 PO1000001697
13 FGV Holdings Bhd Kilang Sawit Mercu Puspita X 5.205394 119.012800 PO1000001699
14 FGV Holdings Bhd Kilang Sawit Nilam Permata X 5.292106 119.009369 PO1000001700
15 FGV Holdings Bhd Kilang Sawit Umas X 4.497133 117.650711 PO1000001702
16 Genting Berhad Genting Indah X 5.375338 116.935126 PO1000003776
17 Genting Berhad Genting Jambongan X 6.657100 117.443900 PO1000003777
18 Genting Berhad Genting Mewah X 5.516416 117.707830 PO1000003778
19 Genting Berhad Genting Sabapalm X 5.965083 117.374111 PO1000004650
20 Genting Berhad Genting Tanjung X 5.422600 118.273102 PO1000005521
21 Genting Berhad Genting Trushidup X 5.563278 117.979556 PO1000007758
22 Global Enterprise Oil Mill Sdn Bhd Global Enterprise Oil Mill Sdn Bhd X 5.490111 117.988556 PO1000003781
23 Hap Seng Plantation Berhad Jeroco Palm Oil Mill 2 X 5.430246 118.416886 PO1000003100
24 Kretam Holdings Berhad Abedom POM X 5.311778 117.973917 PO1000003828
25 Kwantas Haranky X 5.213083 118.064450 PO1000002799
26 Kwantas Mewah X 5.254414 117.910058 PO1000008304
27 Kwantas Pintasan X 5.229424 117.717074 PO1000009024
28 Manilal & Sons (Malaya) Sdn Bhd Aumkar X 4.749056 117.869611 PO1000003845
29 MHC Plantations Bhd Prolific Yield Sdn Bhd X 5.717481 117.827607 PO1000003742
30 N Y Hiew (Holdings) Sdn Bhd Koong Shing – Tingkayu X 4.827636 118.063250 PO1000004796
31 NPC Resources Berhad Berkat Setia X 5.710034 117.620773 PO1000003855
32 Sawit Kinabalu Sandau X 5.202833 118.135333 PO1000003732
33 Sawit Kinabalu Sebrang X 4.990278 118.555278 PO1000003733
34 Tamaco Plantation Sdn Bhd Tamaco 2 X 5.154553 118.228910 PO1000003911
35 TH Plantations Bhd Sungai Tenegang X 5.218094 118.031364 PO1000003929
36 Tung Hup Enterprise Sdn Bhd Tung Hup X 5.282445 117.868010 PO1000003947

Musim Mas Proccesing Unit (Refinery, KCPs)

No Parent company Processing Unit CPO PK Latitude Longitude
1 Musim Mas Musim Mas-Batam X 1.074570 104.134000

Third Party Proccesing Unit (Refinery, KCPs)

No Parent Company Processing Unit CPO PK Latitude Longitude