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We produce cocoa butter alternatives such as cocoa butter substitute/ replacer/ equivalent, bakery fats, Shortening , margarine and other tailor-made fats for the bakery and confectionery industries.
Product Description Product Brand Application 
Cocoa Butter Equivalent CBE Choco Chocolate molding and confectionery fat 
Cocoa Butter Replacer CBR Choco Chocolate filling and confectionery fat 
Cocoa Butter Substitute Goldchoc 
Chocolate molding and confectionery fat 
Goldfiller Chocolate coating, filling and confectionery fat 
Goldkote Chocolate coating and confectionery fat 
Interesterified Fat Goldivia Confectionery coating fat, confectionery creaming fat, confectionery fat, filling fat and soft chocolate. 
Lauric Confectionery Fat Goldice Ice-cream 
Non-Lauric Filling Fat Goldein Wafer filling 
Non-Lauric Coating Fat Chocoxan Chocolate coating and filling 
Shortening Goldshort Baking 
Spread Fat Goldspread 
Chocolate spread 
Vanaspati Surya Gold / Rajni Gold 
Cooking/sweets and cookies 
Bakery Shortening (India)Surya Gold Puff
Puff pastries/croissants/cookies
Bakery Shortening (India)Surya Gold Bake
For more information on the products such as vanaspati or other products relevant to the Indian market, please contact our India office here. The marketing activities in India are undertaken by our subsidiary, South India Krishna Oil and Fats Pte Ltd (SIKOF).
To enquire on Specialty Fats products, please contact spf@icofgroup.com.