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Personal Care Products for consumers 

We produce consumer soap packs for the retail market. Our range of brands include Medicare, Lark, Lervia and Harmony. In addition, we also manufacture private label bar soaps and provide for high quality formulations. These soap products are sold in more than 100 countries. 
Product Brand Product Description 
Lervia Milk Soap 
Harmony Beauty Soap, Fruit Soap and White Yoghurt 
Lark Beauty Soap 
Medicare Medical Soap 
Champion Medical Soap 
Anita Beauty Soap 
Wilson Hand Soap 
Pizzi Hand Soap and other household goods 

Soap Noodles 

Soap noodles are a basic ingredient for soap manufacturers. We produce soap noodles for cosmetic, toiletries, laundry soap as well as multi-purpose, specialty applications. We also customize soap noodles to meet specific needs of manufacturers.


We produce coconut and palm kernel oil-based of diethanolamide. This product is a water soluble surfactant commonly used as a foam booster, stabiliser and viscosity enhancer in personal care, liquid toiletries and detergents such as shampoo, liquid hand soap and face wash, etc. 

Category Product Grade Product Description 
Oil Route Soap Noodles Standard Multi-purpose soap noodles 
Laundry Laundry soap noodles 
Distilled Fatty Acid Soap Noodles Standard Toilet soap noodles 
High glycerine soap noodles 
Translucent soap noodles 
Palm Kernel/Coconut Diethanolamide Clear Liquid 

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