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Palm candles burn cleaner than paraffin wax. We produce different grades of Palm Wax that are able to burn with a bright and stable flame without soot. Our candles can be formulated to achieve a plain satin finish or with crystal patterns, depending on the needs of our customers to meet specific performance or visual requirements. 

We have a research laboratory focused on product development and technical service. We can also provide wax blends.

SM3180Tea LightFilling
SM3288Decorative jar candleFilling
PSF53Grave light, Religious 7 days, Lo-boy, OutdoorFilling
SM6060Grave light, Religious 7 days, Lo-boy, OutdoorFilling
SM6735Decorative jar candleFilling
SM8270Decorative jar candleFilling

The above list is not exhaustive; we welcome the opportunity to work with customers to develop waxes to meet their performance requirements. 

For the full technical data and information on our palm waxes, including recommended blend ratios and processing conditions, or other information regarding formulation of a specific product to meet specific performance characteristics, please contact