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Our Group owns several in-house brands that are renowned for quality. These cooking oil and margarine brands are marketed in Indonesia under the brands Sunco and Margareta. In India, our products are marketed under the brand Surya Gold. 
CategoryProduct Brand Country 
Palm OleinSuncoIndonesia, Vietnam
Surya Gold
Surya Gold India 
Rajni Gold India 
Refined Palm Kernel Oil Surya Gold India 
Refined Sunflower Oil Surya Gold India 
We are also able to develop and customise consumer products for the eco-conscious consumer. Read about the case study of our partnership with Carrefour  or via WWF's featured case study on the initiative.  
For more information on the products relevant to the Indian market, please contact our India office here . The marketing activities in India are undertaken by our subsidiary, South India Krishna Oil and Fats Pte Ltd (SIKOF). 
To enquire on the products, please contact . 
For packed cooking oil in jerry cans, drums and bags in boxes, please email .