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Biofuels are alternatives to petroleum, obtained from renewable natural resources, such as Palm Oil
Biodiesel is a type of Biofuel . Palm Biodiesel is an alternative fuel derived from Palm Oil and can be used in internal combustion engines, i.e. diesel engines without any modification. It refers to methyl Esters derived from Palm Oil through a process known as ‘Transesterification ’. 

In contrast to conventional diesel, the waste product is not black and has less sulphur, hence the combustion emission produced is safer for environment 

We can produce low Pour-point palm methyl ester and normal-grade palm methyl ester from a variety of feedstock. The quality of the palm methyl Esters produced is superior to conventional methyl Esters made from Transesterification .

Palm methyl Esters can be blended with a rapeseed-based or a soya-based Biodiesel . The resultant blend will improve the Cetane index and Oxidation stability properties.

We are able to produce palm-based Biodiesel from certified sustainable sources. Click here for more information on our Biofuel certification. 

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