Musim Mas Group is a vertically integrated palm oil business offering an extensive portfolio of downstream products. Utilizing the strength of our supply chain, we understand the fast-changing landscape of your consumers, and thus we are able to value-add to your business by offering the following solutions for your intended applications.

We offer products for the following applications:

Animal Nutrition
Take a deeper look inside our Animal Nutrition catalog for essential nutrients dietary supplements such as bypass fats and more.
Sustainable biofuels produce food and environmentally friendly fuel. Benefit from our integrated supply chain and explore our alternatives to fossil fuels.
Our expertise, insights, facilities, and network of logistics make us a preferable partner for your commodity trading. Find out more here.
Consumer Products
Successful consumer packaged goods hinge on reliability, quality, and honesty. Explore our range of original and specialty solutions for OEM.
Food & Beverage
Gain access to unmatched quality for your consumable products. Musim Mas manufactures tailor-made formulations and more to suit your industry requirements.
Health & Dietary Supplements
Draw on Musim Mas’ commitment for quality, realized through our integrated business, for the outstanding quality needed for your products.
Home Care, Personal Care & Cosmetics
Musim Mas produces a proud portfolio of necessary household products, ingredients, and solutions for FMCG names.
With quality products derived from stringent processes, you receive reliable support from Musim Mas’ spectrum of products for industrial applications.
Manufacturing quality components for pharmaceutical applications is possible when quality ingredients are available. Find out about our customization capabilities.
Polymers & Plastics
Gain access to high performing and reliable compounds for the production of Polymers and Plastics.

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