Masphate S.L.U.

Operating a state-of-the-art Sulfonation production plant acquired by the Musim Mas group in 2017, MASPHATE S.L.U is located in the Industrial Area of Barbastro in Spain.

Sulfonated products find their applications in household cleaners, moisturizing shampoos, soaps, and cosmetics.

Staffed by a dynamic team of 30 professionals in production, logistics, Quality Control (QC), process, technical, finance, Health Safety Environment and Quality (HSEQ), and Human Resources (HR); our company is committed to producing chemicals in a safe, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient manner.

The plant complies with quality, sustainable and environmental practices, and strictly observes the occupational health and safety of personnel and is thereby compliant to ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, ISO17025:2017, RSPO and the GMP EffCI. It also has a strong Major Accident Prevention Program making MASPHATE compliant to the Seveso III Directive.




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