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Volume 13 - 2017

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Ensuring education access for children in the plantations
Musim Mas has built schools through the Anwar Karim Foundation to provide equal education opportunities for children living in and around plantations.

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Going beyond agronomy to tackle health and nutrition
Despite Indonesia’s impressive economic growth, acute malnutrition is a prevalent public health issue across Indonesia, with some places more severely affected than others.

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Building trust with smallholders
To create positive impact on the ground for smallholders requires the rigorous examination of the fundamental challenges faced by them in their day-to-day life. Our Extension Services Programme (ESP) is designed to do just that.
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Fire-Free Village Programme: Within and beyond concession boundary
As a company operating in many regions in Indonesia, Musim Mas is taking a pro-active approach in helping local communities eliminate the use of fire and prevent its occurrence.
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Combating the use of fire through composting
Musim Mas is of the belief that a paradigm shift by communities on the use of fire requires a solutions-based approach that is both practical in its implementation, and ensures at least minimal socio-economic disruptions to their livelihoods, if not benefits.

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Medium Chain Triglycerides - An unexpected health booster
In recent years, the Ketogenic diet trend which involves reducing the intake of carbohydrates and replacing with fats, has resulted in a niche market for Ketone-producing products such as Coconut and Palm Kernel oils which contain Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT).