LKPP Corporation Sdn Bhd – PKPP Plantation Sdn Bhd

1) Mighty Earth report titled, “Rapid Response Report 30” (06 August 2020)

(1) The report alleged PKPP Plantation Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of LKPP Corporation Sdn Bhd, for clearing a total of 101 hectares of forest in their concession between 11 February 2019 and 20 May 2020.

August 2020
Contact was initially made with LKPP Corporation Sdn Bhd (as the company Musim Mas is doing business with). However, we were advised to reach out directly to PKPP Plantation Sdn Bhd. We have contacted them and are awaiting their response.

September 2020
We were informed that PKPP Plantation Sdn Bhd has acknowledged the issue raised in Mighty Earth RRR 30. The company is looking for the best solutions to solve the grievance.

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