Ganda/ GAMA Group

GAMA Group is a privately owned, management-consolidated company with multiple owners. The company is involved in the oil palm cultivation, processing and producing of CPO and PKO.

The relevant RSPO grievance case trackers which are related to:
a) PT Asiatic Persada can be found here.
b) PT Jatim Jaya Persaka can be found here.

GAMA Group has a corporate website which can be found here.

1) Forest Peoples Programme statement titled, “The Governor of Jambi Province must take action to tackle unscrupulous conduct of Palm Oil Plantation PT Asiatic Persada” (7 Oct 2013)

2) Greenpeace report titled, “License to kill” (22 Oct 2013)

3) Mongabay article titled, “Indonesian Palm Oil company demolishes homes and evicts villagers in week-long raid” (14 December 2013)

4) Eco-Business article titled, “Palm Oil row erupts in Sumatra, leaving one dead” (7 March 2014)

5) Riau Corruption Trial’s document titled, “Bentangan: Jelang Putusan Gugatan Kementerian LHK atas Jatim Jaya Perkasa” (26 May 2015)

6) Greenomics report titled, “Grievance Report” (30 June 2015)

7) SOMO report titled, “The two hats of public security actors in Indonesia.” (June 2017)

8) Greenpeace reportFinal Countdown: Now or Never to Reform the Palm Oil Industry” (19 September 2018)

(1), (3), (4) and (7) PT Berkat Sawit Utama (f.k.a. PT Asiatic Persada)

  • Social conflict with indigenous Batin Sembilan community in Jambi, and indigenous Suku Anak Dalam community in Jambi.

(2), (5) and (7) PT Jatim Jaya Perkasa (PT JJP)

  • Encroachment into, and conversion of tiger habitat
  • Conversion of HCV peatlands
  • Fire within the concession

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry filed a lawsuit against PT JJP who was found guilty and fined 491 Billion Rupiah in August 2015 (An appeal to re-open the case was rejected in January 2016.)

(6) and (7) PT Patiware

  • Forested Peatland clearance in West Kalimantan

August 2015
Last purchase of oil from PT Asiatic Persada.

September 2015
We have ceased trade relations with PT Asiatic Persada which has since changed its name to PT Berkat Sawit Utama. We were informed through an announcement letter to us with a new supplier name.

October 2017
We do not have an active business relationship with GAMA since April 2017.

October 2018
We attended one of GAMA Plantation ‘s stakeholder engagement session, to review its sustainability commitments and plan.

July 2018
Gama Plantation was officiated as a formal group of companies and launched a website, where it disclosed its sustainability policy commitment based on the NDPE principles. It also issued a Stop Work Order (SWO) to suspend all greenfield development with immediate effect from 1 July 2018. The SWO would remain until the management is assured that a robust system is in place to ensure its compliance with its NDPE commitments.

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