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XX January 2019 | By Yos Kusuma

Musim Mas provides schools and childcare centres for children living in and around our plantations so that parents can work without worrying about their children. “Education as the key to economic development and better livelihoods,” is something the company believes in. In total, the Group has built and funded eight schools within the plantations in Sumatra and Kalimantan. In addition to basic education, all students have access to computer classes and activities such as sport, music, and leadership development. In 2017, a total of 6,048 children attended the schools, both from the Group’s employees as well as from the villages or communities around the plantations.

While the Group is building a junior high school to be completed in 2019, it currently provides free transport for older students who continue their education at local junior and senior high schools. Such communal modes of transportation helps the students mingle and interact with their peers from surrounding communities, building up their social skills in the process.

Musim Mas offers four scholarships: Generasi Emas (Golden Generation), Masyarakat Jaya (Great Community), Generasi Gemilang (Brilliant Generation), and Peduli Pendidikan (Care for Education).

  • Generasi Emas is a collaboration between Musim Mas and senior high schools Sutomo 1 and 2 in Medan, North Sumatra. The scholarship recipient for Generasi Emas has to be a graduate from Sutomo. He/She will receive full tuition fee, an allowance for academic and personal expenses throughout college, if he/she applies to one of the 15 universities listed under the Scholarship . The university graduates from this programme are also potential hires of Musim Mas – we now have 15 such graduates working for the Group. 

  • The Masyarakat Jaya scholarship offers fully-paid tuition fee and a fixed amount of academic allowance to its recipients every year. This programme is open to all students staying around the Group’s operational sites, and successful recipients can go to any public university in Indonesia. In making sure that the recipients stay ahead academically, the programme requires recipients to re-apply for the scholarship every year. 

  • The Generasi Gemilang scholarship requirements are similar, but only children of Group employees and workers who have an extended working history with the Group can apply to the scholarship. 

  • The Peduli Pendidikan scholarship is applicable to students in elementary, junior, and senior high school. The scholarship also covers all school fees, and provides an academic allowance to its recipients. It is offered in partnership with Sutomo School in Medan, which the Group has been working closely with for more than 20 years.