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Global Operations Snapshot


Headquartered in Singapore, the Musim Mas Group operates globally across the Palm Oil spectrum. 

Its business activity is involved with every part of the Palm Oil supply chain: from managing oil palm plantations to Refining crude Palm Oil and manufacturing value-added products. The Group has its operational presence in 13 countries. 
The global marketing activities of the Group are undertaken by Inter-Continental Oils & Fats (ICOF) - a member of the Musim Mas Group.

Here is a snapshot of our global operations: 

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Operational Maps

Musim Mas Group has production locations in Asia and Europe and sources the materials from Malaysia and Indonesia. It has 16 plantations and 14 mills as part of the Group’s production base in Indonesia. There are 17 refineries located in Indonesia (Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java and Sulawesi), Malaysia (Johor), India (Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu) and Spain (Castellon, La Coruna, and Murcia). It also has 8 Kernel Crushing operations located in Indonesia (Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java and Sulawesi).

Operational Presence in Indonesia
Operational Presence in Malaysia
Operational Presence in India
Operational Presence in Spain
Operational Presence in Italy
Operational Presence in Netherlands
Operational Presence in China
Operational Presence in Vietnam

Biodiesel Plants

No. Name of Company Country - Province/State
B1 Musim Mas Indonesia - North Sumatra
B2 Musim Mas Indonesia - Riau Islands
B3Inti Benua PerkasatamaIndonesia - Riau 
B4Sukajadi Sawit MekarIndonesia - Central Kalimantan
B5Masol Cartagena Biofuel S.L.U.Spain - Cartagena
B6Masol Iberia Biofuel S.L.U.Spain - Castellón
B7Masol Iberia Biofuel S.L.U.Spain - Ferrol
B8Masol Continental Biofuel SrlItaly - Livorno

Kernel Crushing Plants

No. Name of Company Country - Province/State
K1 Musim Mas Indonesia - North Sumatra
K2 Wira Inno Mas Indonesia - West Sumatra
K3 Inti Benua Perkasatama - Lubuk Gaung Indonesia - Riau
K4 Guntung Idamannusa 1 Indonesia - Riau
K5 Berkat Sawit Sejati Indonesia - South Sumatra
K6 Sukajadi Sawit Mekar - Bagendang
Indonesia - Central Kalimantan 
K7 Sukajadi Sawit Mekar - Sebabi 
Indonesia - Central Kalimantan 
K8Agro Makmur Raya 
Indonesia - North Sulawesi
K9Musim Mas Indonesia - Riau


No. Name of Company Country - Province/State
M1 Siringo Ringo Indonesia - North Sumatra
M2 Agrowiratama Indonesia - West Sumatra 
M3 Bahana Nusa Interindo Indonesia - Riau
M4 Indomakmur Sawit Berjaya  Indonesia - Riau
M5 Musim Mas Batang Kulim Indonesia - Riau
M6 Musim Mas Pangkalan Lesung 
Indonesia - Riau
M7 Sinar Agro Raya  Indonesia - Riau 
M8 Guntung Idamannusa 1 Indonesia - Riau 
M9Guntung Idamannusa 2Indonesia - Riau
M10 Berkat Sawit Sejati  Indonesia - South Sumatra
M11 Sarana Esa Cita Indonesia - West Kalimantan
M12 Sukajadi Sawit Mekar 1  Indonesia - Central Kalimantan
M13 Sukajadi Sawit Mekar 2  Indonesia - Central Kalimantan
M14 Maju Aneka Sawit  Indonesia - Central Kalimantan
M15 Unggul Lestari  Indonesia - Central Kalimantan 
M16Multipersada Gatramegah Indonesia - Central Kalimantan 

Oleochemicals Plants

No. Name of Company Country - Province/State
O1 Musim MasIndonesia - Riau Islands
O2 Musim Mas Indonesia - North Sumatra
O3Dutch Glycerin Refinery B.V. (DGR)Netherlands - Groningen
O4Maschem B.VNetherlands - Zeelend
O5Masphate S.L.USpain - Huesca

Specialty Fats Plants

No.Name of CompanyCountry - Province/State
S1Musim MasIndonesia - North Sumatra
S2Megasurya MasIndonesia - East Java
S3Musim Mas FujiIndonesia - West Java
S4Mikie Oleo Nabati IndustriIndonesia - West Java
S5South India Krishna Oil and FatsIndia - Andhra Pradesh 


No. Name of Company Country - Province/State
P1 Siringo Ringo Indonesia - North Sumatra
P2 Agrowiratama Indonesia - West Sumatra
P3 Musim Mas  Indonesia - Riau
P4 Guntung Idamannusa Indonesia - Riau
P5 Berkat Sawit Sejati  Indonesia - South Sumatra
P6 Mulia Indah  Indonesia - West Kalimantan 
P7 Sarana Esa Cita Indonesia - West Kalimantan 
P8 Lestari Abadi Perkasa Indonesia - West Kalimantan 
P9 Mentari Pratama Indonesia - West Kalimantan 
P10 Unggul Lestari  Indonesia - Central Kalimantan
P11 Sukajadi Sawit Mekar  Indonesia - Central Kalimantan
P12 Maju Aneka Sawit Indonesia - Central Kalimantan
P13 Globalindo Alam Perkasa  Indonesia - Central Kalimantan
P14 Multipersada Gatramegah  Indonesia - Central Kalimantan
P15Daya Indah Nusantara
(Concession holding. No land development)
Indonesia - Papua
P16Wira Antara
(Concession holding. No land development)
Indonesia - Papua 

Refineries (global)

No. Name of Company Country, Province/State
R1 Musim Mas - Belawan Indonesia - North Sumatra
R2 Wira Inno Mas Indonesia - West Sumatra
R3 Inti Benua Perkasatama - Lubuk Gaung Indonesia - Riau
R4 Inti Benua Perkasatama - Pelabuhan Indonesia - Riau
R5 Indokarya Internusa Indonesia - South Sumatra
R6 Musim Mas Fuji Indonesia - West Java
R7 Mikie Oleo Nabati Industri Indonesia - West Java
R8 Megasurya Mas  Indonesia - East Java
R9 Agro Makmur Raya Indonesia - North Sulawesi
R10 Genting Musim Mas
Malaysia - Sabah
R11 Musim Mastika Oils and Fats   Malaysia - Johor
R12 South India Krishna Oils and Fats  India - Andhra Pradesh 
R13 Tvarur Oils and Fats  India - Tamil Nadu
R14 Musim Mas (Dongguan) Oils and Fats China - Guangdong
R15 Musim Mas (Tianjin) Oils and Fats China - Tianjin
R16Musim Mas (Zhenjiang) Oils and FatsChina - Jiangsu
R17North Continental Oils and FatsVietnam - Thanh Hoa